Work Your Gift!

Happy February, Everyone!

Black History Month! Let’s use this month as artists to check in. Am I using my gift, my purpose for being here, my anointing? We usually set goals at the beginning of a new year . I am no different. I have so many things I want to do for artists that sometimes I just cry at the thought of them actually coming true. I am clear why I am here. How dare I waste one single day! I wouldn’t ask any of my artists to do anything I wouldn’t do. So no matter how crappy I may feel on any given day. I get out of my way and do something! At least¬†one thing a day.¬† I love to work with artists who are Awake! I can see it in their eyes. The actor or singer or dancer that comes in the room determined and seeking to walk out having an experience that has enhanced their artist. I call it a Breakthrough! LOVE THAT!!!

Now that classes are starting back up this month, that is exactly what I will be looking for when you walk in the room. I am here to serve you to the “nth degree”. And I will to the artist that walks in cloaked in The Spirit of Excellence. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned. This is what I need from you! So, if you feel you cannot bring that to the artistic table, don’t come to me. No shade either! Positive energy!!!!

I have been officiated a couple of titles! LOL. Seriously. I love them both. So, I need your help deciding. The first on is “The Evangelist of The Arts”! How cool is that?! The second one is “High Priestess of The Soul”! Ha! Heavy, man… Please let me know which one you like. You can Tweet or post on one of my Facebook pages. I would truly appreciate your input. Thank you!

In closing, thank you for taking the time to read this Blog! And I had a great private, and the actor gave me a tip! A $15 Tip! Holy Moly! That was cool! Thanks, Tanya!

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