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Love Is In The Air! In The Spirit of Excellence!!

Hello Friends!

As Spring is upon us, so is the renewed love of your passion for your creative and spiritual endeavors. This is no secret that I absolutely Love what I do! My Love for my actors and the crafting runs very deep. In The Spirit of Excellence!!

I am embarking upon a very ambitious endeavor and need your help. I have written and will direct my first feature film and have started a crowd funding campaign. We are still riding on the success of the short film I directed Love Always, Eartha (about Eartha Kitt). We have been accepted into The International Film Festival in Indonesia, so far. Nominated for Th award of Excellence and The Platinum Award! God Is Good!

Yesterday, I was interviewed by The NY Amsterdam News for The New Yorker of The Week!!! WOW!!! I will post that article once it is released. Any contribution will be an absolute blessing! Here is the link for all info. I thank you for you support and your belief in me!

Thank you and see you at The Premier!!!

Peace and Blessings,


Work Your Gift!

Happy February, Everyone!

Black History Month! Let’s use this month as artists to check in. Am I using my gift, my purpose for being here, my anointing? We usually set goals at the beginning of a new year . I am no different. I have so many things I want to do for artists that sometimes I just cry at the thought of them actually coming true. I am clear why I am here. How dare I waste one single day! I wouldn’t ask any of my artists to do anything I wouldn’t do. So no matter how crappy I may feel on any given day. I get out of my way and do something! At least one thing a day.  I love to work with artists who are Awake! I can see it in their eyes. The actor or singer or dancer that comes in the room determined and seeking to walk out having an experience that has enhanced their artist. I call it a Breakthrough! LOVE THAT!!!

Now that classes are starting back up this month, that is exactly what I will be looking for when you walk in the room. I am here to serve you to the “nth degree”. And I will to the artist that walks in cloaked in The Spirit of Excellence. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned. This is what I need from you! So, if you feel you cannot bring that to the artistic table, don’t come to me. No shade either! Positive energy!!!!

I have been officiated a couple of titles! LOL. Seriously. I love them both. So, I need your help deciding. The first on is “The Evangelist of The Arts”! How cool is that?! The second one is “High Priestess of The Soul”! Ha! Heavy, man… Please let me know which one you like. You can Tweet or post on one of my Facebook pages. I would truly appreciate your input. Thank you!

In closing, thank you for taking the time to read this Blog! And I had a great private, and the actor gave me a tip! A $15 Tip! Holy Moly! That was cool! Thanks, Tanya!

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Love Always, Marishka



Hello Friends!

I have learned much since 1/1/15. You must always be in a state of awareness to receive new information. I am extremely grateful to Dierdra and Christopher McDowell of Eden Entertainment for trusting me with their dream and vision. It was clearly a collaborative effort. As a director, I am aware that it would be foolish to take all the credit. Are you kidding me??!!! Let’s talk about the script that was lovingly crafted. Let’s talk about the cast! Thank you Anna Marie Brown, Walter Masterson, Josh Hardwick, Pooya Mohseni, La Rivers, Sebastian Galvez, Dierdra McDowell, Santoya Fields, Scott Jackson, Anthony Laurent, Karwee Marshall, Asheley Arico, Brandon Alexander, Taylor D. Martin, Patricia Polanco, Rommell Sermons. You guys made my life as a director easy. Because of your trust and willingness. I tell my actors, “I’m only as good as you are!” You bring 210%, I’ll match it! I thank the DP to make up! We did it together!

Thank you to those who came out to support! Your presence was a true blessing. This is why we do what we do… To change lives. We as storytellers have the ability to touch the consciousness of our recipients. My goal as a director/storyteller is to have you leave, in some way different, from whence you came in. May God continue to bless me with this opportunity.

What’s been most fun this year, is meeting new creatives that say, ” I want to work with you.” My reply to this… “I am happy to serve. Please call me.”

See you soon,



Happy New Year! Your Commitment to 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!


First of all, I would like to thank all the actors that came to The 2015 New Years Day Initiative – Acting Workshop! Thank you Sawandi, Mysia, Santoya, Nina, Daisha, Soyina, Kai, Perri’, Justine, Rahiem, Yansen, Mo, Jenelle, Leo, Christina, Ashley, Brooke, Ronnie, Shonte, Siani, Khaila, Sheila, Natalie and Eric!! I decree by the anointing that the Holy Spirit has blessed the teacher in me with, you will be working this year!! All you have to do is One Thing A Day, at least, towards your goals and dreams! You blessed me with your presence. Thank you so much!!!

Second, I held off from teaching because I took the assignment of directing a new musical which I have since released. Listen artists, you must define yourself. This will inform the decisions you make for yourself; not only artistically also personally. For example… My contract is: I am a discerning, healing, large-hearted, and inspiring acting coach, teacher and director. And at a certain point I realized I wouldn’t be honoring my artist if I had continued. Always approach you work in the Spirit of Excellence. If something impedes that you may want to think twice. All of this to say, I will be in full force come February’s workshop. This is my assignment.

The World premier of Love Always, Eartha on January 9th was a huge success! Oh my gosh!!! I was honored to direct such a fine and committed group of actors! Many of my MPTP actors burned the screen all the way up!!! I am so proud! Looking forward to the red carpet premier for investors January 17th, Eartha Kitt’s birthday! Eden Entertainment is a top notch company that I will work with time and time again. I am grateful they trusted me to assist in the birth of this baby. We are now moving into the funding phase to submit to various film festivals. Please visit :!donate/c3bm

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

And lastly, this year I will be focusing on 3 projects including 2 feature films and 1 documentary. These are my babies. As everyone knows, I love to put my actors to work. The only thing is, you’ve got to show up so I can see your work!! I must see that you are ready and determined.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for the time you took to read my very first blog!! YAY!!! I will do these updates as often as I can.

Godspeed, Friends!

Sincere in the Craft,

Marishka S. Phillips.