• Happy New Year! Your Commitment to 2015!

    Happy New Year Everyone! First of all, I would like to thank all the actors that came to The 2015 New Years Day Initiative – Acting Workshop! Thank you Sawandi, […]
  • Love Always, Marishka

      Hello Friends! I have learned much since 1/1/15. You must always be in a state of awareness to receive new information. I am extremely grateful to Dierdra and Christopher […]
  • Work Your Gift!

    Happy February, Everyone! Black History Month! Let’s use this month as artists to check in. Am I using my gift, my purpose for being here, my anointing? We usually set […]
  • Love Is In The Air! In The Spirit of Excellence!!

    Hello Friends! As Spring is upon us, so is the renewed love of your passion for your creative and spiritual endeavors. This is no secret that I absolutely Love what […]