Love Always, Marishka



Hello Friends!

I have learned much since 1/1/15. You must always be in a state of awareness to receive new information. I am extremely grateful to Dierdra and Christopher McDowell of Eden Entertainment for trusting me with their dream and vision. It was clearly a collaborative effort. As a director, I am aware that it would be foolish to take all the credit. Are you kidding me??!!! Let’s talk about the script that was lovingly crafted. Let’s talk about the cast! Thank you Anna Marie Brown, Walter Masterson, Josh Hardwick, Pooya Mohseni, La Rivers, Sebastian Galvez, Dierdra McDowell, Santoya Fields, Scott Jackson, Anthony Laurent, Karwee Marshall, Asheley Arico, Brandon Alexander, Taylor D. Martin, Patricia Polanco, Rommell Sermons. You guys made my life as a director easy. Because of your trust and willingness. I tell my actors, “I’m only as good as you are!” You bring 210%, I’ll match it! I thank the DP to make up! We did it together!

Thank you to those who came out to support! Your presence was a true blessing. This is why we do what we do… To change lives. We as storytellers have the ability to touch the consciousness of our recipients. My goal as a director/storyteller is to have you leave, in some way different, from whence you came in. May God continue to bless me with this opportunity.

What’s been most fun this year, is meeting new creatives that say, ” I want to work with you.” My reply to this… “I am happy to serve. Please call me.”

See you soon,



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  1. What a wonderful blog! What an incredible experience being directed, and coached by you. Our scene was alive and live. Thank you for your care…and the great photos. LovZ

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